Locally Made Art for sale in the Woodshop Gallery

Please scroll down to see all. Check back often as we add new works to the Gallery. Our inventory is LARGE..........This is a small sampling of what we have to offer.
Please stop by on your drive around the Island. Our popular cafe (attatched) seves lunch all day long, come try our home made ice cream............................................


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Food Safe Serving Boards
A collection of beautiful wooden boards suitable for the serving of cheese, home baked breads or anything that takes your fancy. Each board is made from a variety of Tropical Hardwoods.

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Jewelry Boxes
Please check out our many jewelry boxes handmade on the big island of Hawaii made from local Hawaiian woods.

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Hand Made Damascus Steel Pen knife
Beautiful Damascus steel folding knife with handles made from the best musical grade curly Hawaiian koa wood.

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Poi Dog Ukulele & Guitars
Here are a few images of handmade musical instruments made right here on the Hamakua coast. “Poi Dog" make all of our stringed instruments using only the finest of local Hawaiian tone woods.

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Locally made Salad Hands
Our locally made Koa wood salad hands are available plain or inlaid with two turtles made from paua shell Theses salad hands make wonderful gifts. Shipping: flat rate box $8.50

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Koa Hand Mirrors & Brushes
Our handmade Koa or Mango mirrors and brushes are made to a very high standard. Only the best Big Island Hawaii grown hardwood is used to manufacture these fine items. Custom Laser engraving is available, please email for a quote.

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Koa & Mango Tablet covers
Only the best musical grade Koa or Mango wood is used in our tablet covers. We make covers for: ipad mini, ipad, Amazon fire, Android.

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Rocking Chairs in Kit form or finished ready to ship
We have a large selection of rocking chairs ready to be crated and shipped door to door
All of our rocking chairs are also available in kit form for the handyman who would like the pleasure of assembling their own.

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Turned bowls in a variety of local woods
We have a large selection of locally turned bowls in many shapes and sizes to suit every budget. Visit the Gallery to see the selection. Due to their popularity they are constantly changing and cannot all be photographed.

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Volcano inspired Ceramic
These Volcano inspired ceramic pieces are local made and unique to the Woodshop Gallery. Oven proof, dish washer,and microwave safe.

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KOA Coasters
Made from Hawaiian Koa Wood our coasters are $10 each or $18 for 2 or more.

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Koa Wine Bottle Holders
We have two different styles of locally made Hawaiian Koa wood bottle holders.
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Koa Wood Cribbage Board
Our cribbage boards come complete with Maple wood pegs and a pack of playing cards. Ready to play right out of the package.